Lenovo the way ahead


Most of us remember flip-phones or those with sliding keyboards and even the early tablets that weighed nearly as much as a traditional laptop. A lot has changed since then to the latest generation of smart phones and tablets. Mobile technology is charting a course towards ubiquity. It continues to astonish me that more than 25 billion devices will be connected by 2020 – 25 billion. That sheer number shows just how much the connected world needs a smart ecosystem that allows devices to share information between each other.

 Lenovo is one of the few technology companies in the world with the ability which transformed into action providing people with a truly connected device experience – from smart phones, PCs, tablets, smart home devices and cloud services. The new mission of Lenovo seems to be in line for creating a new era of mobility of their customers. Lenovo also provides the assistance to their customer by their expert customer care team any one can get the Lenovo customer support number from here.

Mobile technology has become instrumental in every kind of work we do in our daily lives too. Thus to make it more simpler and give it a wide user network the company has set its sights on “One Mission, Two Pillars, and Three Directions,” a strategy that brings in some of the technologies that will define the next generation of devices, mobility and connectivity, thereby providing all the customer with a brand new authentic and unique service delivery and product satisfaction.

One Mission: Customer-Centric Innovation 

The mission is Customer Centric Innovation, like the iconic ThinkPad red dot, or the Yoga Book’s virtual keypad. The newest series of tablets, the Tab 4 family launched includes four different configurations and optional accessory packs to transform each tablet into the perfect device for each member of the family. Combined, these are great examples of customer-centric innovations that redefine the user experience and are grounded in the premise that different is better.

Three Directions: Smart Devices, Lenovo’s Smart Cloud Platform, and Smart Services 

To achieve the strategy of Device and Cloud powered by AI, Lenovo research, and technology as forecasted focuses on three major directions: smart devices, smart cloud platform, and smart services.

Smart devices are becoming smaller and smaller in size and more and more portable. From traditional laptops, multi-mode PCs (such as Yoga) to detachable two-in-one PCs, Lenovo lead the industry in the development of thin, light and portable smart devices.

Lenovo driven smart cloud platform is the foundation for smart devices to gain intelligence as well as the central place to process users’ big data. With an open source framework based on Open Stack, the company aims to and strives to deliver a high-performance, cross-cloud management experience to enterprise customers.

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Finally, smart services will bring out the real value of smart devices. Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence technologies, smart services will know more and more about people’s needs and habits. Based on these insights, smart services will get a better and better understanding of users.

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